Captain Eyal Bar – Or, CEO of the software company “Safe Zone” with a fascinating book on leadership in the “Skipper” model

Eyal Bar-Or believes that leadership can be taught accurately and effectively with more than theories or theoretical lessons. He argues that, like all other skills, leadership can only be instilled and honed through hands-on practice – and preferably one that will last forever.

The skipper method imagined by Bar Or works at sea, in the air and on land. Designed for everyone, from teenagers who want to start their personal journey of leadership in the world, to veteran “captains” who want to take the next step in their personal development. “He who knows, and knows he knows – is a leader, pursue him” is a mantra that Eyal Bar-Or, an electronics and computer engineer by profession and owner of the software company “Safe Zone”, has followed throughout his life. professional career. Alongside his long commercial career, Bar Or decides to issue a speedboat license. At first, just as a hobby to sail, fish and relax facing the open sea. Then, with an idea that came to mind like a flash of light, all the pieces fell into place: tips , leadership and navigation. He realized that if he needed the principles he had learned in his captain’s course, he could adapt them to all areas of leadership at various stages of life.

Eyal Bar-Or began to develop his method and realized he needed to spread his teachings to those looking for meaningful leadership tools around the world. He has written and published his fascinating book, “Leadership in the Skipper Model”, which aims to give practical tools to the target audience defined above, and enable them to lead courses and workshops based on this leadership. The intention is to create an endless funnel of knowledge that passes from readers to teachers and lecturers who continue to spread the method among their relatives and students. Smart managers know how to identify natural leadership among their employees and use their skills to achieve their goals, and so the cycle goes on and on.

After writing the book in Hebrew, Bar Or decided to translate it into English and Hindu, an audience of billions around the world being able to use the arsenal of tools that Eyal presents in the text.

At Contento Now, an international publishing house, we are very proud to accompany Eyal on the next stage of his unique journey. We were pleased to interview him in our digital television studio and hear about the most moving, powerful and important moments of his professional and entrepreneurial career.

” The crown. It started in March, and in two weeks we went from 100% orders from large companies, high-tech centers, to 0%. I called other managers, his friends and said, ‘Tell me, what’s up? Why don’t you order the queries? “Why don’t you do some tests? The Americans are working as usual, the fact that there is Corona does not mean that the American inspection cannot come… ‘and he says to me ‘Where do you live? All my homeworkers, they get Social Security money, nobody here’

None of us could have predicted the effects of corona, but true leaders have to adapt to the journey.

Eyal founded the company “Safe Zone” because he recognized the main difficulty for importers, exporters and even high-tech companies to examine their products under strict American surveillance. To meet the challenge, Eyal and the company’s engineering team developed a multi-layered defense system that thoroughly examines each component against the Americans’ lists. The Safe Zone toolset are the formal tools for licensing and applying to the Israeli government – using the Israeli modules.

US regulatory tools support many businesses in Israel and with Indian branch – safe – zone India with US branch – Aims to support both government and businesses around the world.

More than that, the US administration is actively supporting the use of this set of innovation tools in other governments as well.

We asked Netanel Semrick, publisher and CEO of Contento Now for three decades, about his personal experience in the intriguing process with Eyal: “He’s an inspiring person with a method of leadership recommended for every generation.”

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