Clean Energy Software Company Named to 2022 Cool Companies List – Procopio

Congratulations to client Ivy Energy for making CONNECT’s Cool Companies of 2022 list. Ivy Energy unlocks the most cost-effective deployment model for residential solar power by solving the problem of split incentives for MDUs and more.

Ivy Energy is a graduate of Procopio’s LaunchPad, an incubator program run by our Procopio Business Advisors unit and housed in our Del Mar Heights, CA offices. Procopio provides a range of legal services to the company, with Paul Johnson leading corporate work and Pattric Rawlins leading intellectual property work.

The Ivy Virtual Grid software platform enables property owners to become on-site solar energy “hosts” by offering smart clean energy billing to its tenants. It is the first innovative billing solution that allows landlords to generate new income per unit while guaranteeing monthly savings for tenants. Find out more on their website.

CONNECT helps Southern California innovators by providing access to investors, mentors, and education. Each year, CONNECT gathers applications from Southern California tech and life sciences startups and selects Cool Companies to present to venture capitalists across the United States. Since 2015, his Cool Companies have raised over $730 million in Institutional Series A alone.

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