How to Get a Job at Workhuman, a Human Resources Software Company

  • HR software company Workhuman helps companies improve employee engagement and productivity.
  • Workhuman recruits across the company and has offices in Massachusetts and Dublin, Ireland.
  • As companies grapple with employee retention, they turn to Workhuman for solutions.

As companies struggle to attract and retain employees amid the pandemic and ensuing great resignation, they are turning to Workhuman for software tools to recognize and celebrate their employees.

Workhuman is an HR software company specializing in employee recognition and ongoing performance management, said Lauren Van Duyn, hiring manager at Workhuman.

Some of Workhuman’s products include its social recognition software that allows employees to engage on a social feed, and its performance management solution called Conversations where employees can request and receive feedback.

During the pandemic, Workhuman’s team and customer base continued to grow, in part by providing a solution to the issues businesses faced during the Great Resignation. According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report, there were 11.5 million job openings at the end of March. A study by the MIT Sloan Management Review found that a toxic workplace culture is 10.4 times more likely to drive employees away than low pay.

“We’ve seen an increase in market need for what we do, which has allowed us to continue to grow,” Van Duyn said.

Workhuman's lauren van duyn smiling at the camera wearing a white shirt with a red floral blouse on top against a gray wood background

Lauren Van Duyn, recruitment manager at Workhuman.

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Workhuman is recruiting for corporate positions in its Massachusetts and Dublin, Ireland offices. Most of the company is still working remotely, but Van Duyn said Workhuman is redesigning the office space to accommodate its growing team. In Dublin, Van Duyn said the hiring was more product related for product management, software engineering and architecture. In the United States, the company is hiring more for sales, marketing and customer success.

Since Van Duyn joined Workhuman in 2018, she said the company has doubled from around 500 to nearly 1,000 employees globally. The company’s headcount is up about 20% year-over-year, and while Van Duyn isn’t sure what the numbers will look like next year, she said hiring hasn’t slow motion.

Van Duyn told Insider about the interview process at Workhuman and what candidates can do to stand out to interviewers.

Prepare for situational questions

Workhuman’s interview process begins with a phone interview with the recruiter, Van Duyn said.

“I think applicants find it more beneficial,” she said. “We are able to provide a lot of information to candidates about the role, the team, the hiring manager, the company, so that they walk away from it understanding more about us in the same way that we away from it by understanding more about them.”

From there, candidates go through a phone interview with a hiring manager to further assess their soft skills, before having back-to-back virtual interviews with team members.

Ahead of the virtual interview, Van Duyn said candidates receive materials to help them prepare for the types of questions they will be asked and the company values ​​interviewers will have in mind when speaking to interviewees. candidates. Workhuman even has its own Spotify playlist that candidates can use to prepare for the interview, Van Duyn said.

Candidates for more technical roles can expect a skills assessment, Van Duyn said. “Sometimes we’ll do an Excel assessment if it’s something important for a particular role,” she said. “A lot of times it’s more about fleshing out the skills people have through conversations.”

Van Duyn said interviewers ask situational questions to understand a candidate’s skills. “Tell me about a time when you were the busiest you’ve ever been and got away with it,” Van Duyn said. There’s a difference, she says, between asking that and asking a candidate how effective they are at time management.

“We get a really solid picture of someone’s experiences and how they’ve handled similar situations before, so we get a sense of how they would handle those situations if they worked with us,” he said. she declared.

Show why you care about creating a better workplace

A candidate’s ability to show not only that they want the job, but that they want to work at Workhuman specifically because of their mission stands out the most in the interview process, Van Duyn said.

“We like a candidate who asks curious questions about our business and how we know what we do works,” she said. “Our software makes the workplace a better place for so many people, so we really like hiring people who care and are passionate about it.”

Being authentic throughout the interview process also helps candidates stand out, Van Duyn said, because Workhuman focuses on hiring the person, not just their skills.

One of the best things about working at Workhuman, according to Van Duyn, is that the company uses its own products.

“You can feel connected to your contribution to the organization,” she said. “You are celebrated for the work you do every day, you are recognized for it by your peers, your management team and your leadership.”

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