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Robert Ritter

Have you ever been stuck making a decision where you have to choose one thing out of two, but you can’t because both seem to be right? Well, we’ve all been there. And trust me, things get worse if the problem is your finances. After all, you don’t make money busting your ass to see it go in vain, do you? The decision must be correct and InsMark could offer you a perfect escape from your predicament.

Founded by Robert Ritter in 1983, InsMark is a financial software company that specializes in creating software tools to convert financial data into understandable illustrations and charts. It does this with brilliantly programmed software tools combined with the creative mind of Robert, its creator.

“We started InsMark because of the poor presentation of financial data from life insurance companies,” Robert said while explaining why he started InsMark in the first place. And his idea worked a lot. Currently, InsMark’s products are used by over 30,000 producers, with over 100 major life insurance companies having sponsored the company’s products.

The secrets to InsMark’s huge track record of success are products like Wise and Wealthy®InsMark Illustration System, Documents On A Disk and others.

Wise and Wealthy is more of a complete financial system than software. It is dedicated to providing the best plans for your financial life after retirement – including how not to run out of money. For example, his good logic against his bad logic® Analytics show you how to access your cash in a way that produces the retirement cash flow you want while maximizing your net worth. It brings you the results in graphical formats showcasing the power of this system’s unique algorithms. An advanced version of Wise and Wealthy illustrates exceptionally effective uses of grantor trusts, one of the most powerful planning strategies for high net worth clients.

InsMark Illustration System is also a powerful presentation tool created by the company. Whatever illustrations you want, comparisons, financial calculators or financial analysis, this software has you covered. You can convert your insurance product presentations into dynamic sales and marketing reports with just a few clicks.

Additionally, InsMark’s Documents On A Disk contains a comprehensive set of sample financial documents. This software is one of a kind and contains over 1,613 documents, including Buy-Sell, COLI, Bonus, Dollar Split, Estate, Charitable and Trust planning; organized into 405 sets of documents, including 68 organizational charts. Here you can access what is included in DOD. Be sure to check out Hitchhiker® on DOD, a great way for producers to develop relationships with attorneys.

InsMark hosts an annual symposium that attracts top financial producers, major insurance companies and other corporate personnel. Reviewing their testimonials and insights into InsMark’s products is proof enough that InsMark has led the way in the world of insurance and will continue to do so with Robert at the helm.

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