ON24 acquires VIBBIO, a cloud video software company

ON24, a digital experience platform, has acquired VIBBIO, a cloud video software company, to enable users to quickly create, assemble and publish video content.

VIBBIO’s video solution is designed for businesses to create and edit professional videos to help advance the way marketers engage and solicit first-party data from business prospects. The tool will be integrated with ON24 to enable users to leverage VIBBIO in their webinar, event and personalized content marketing activities and generate more first-person data.

The acquisition of ON24 shows where the market is headed in terms of digital engagement – ​​straight to video. The company plans to integrate the tool into its platform by the end of the year.

“We continue to innovate and invest in building a powerful sales and marketing platform,” said Steve Sims, vice president of product at ON24, in an exclusive statement to RDG. “With a mix of new products like ON24 Forums, ON24 Go Live and ON24 Breakouts and our acquisition of VIBBIO, we are giving customers more ways to drive digital engagement, drive first-party data and deliver experiences that resonate with today’s audiences and how they consume content. VIBBIO will now put video content creation in the hands of every seller and marketer to drive greater personalization and make their ON24 content work for them longer and in new ways.

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