Q-CTRL is an Australian company that provides software tools for system characterization and hardware optimization of quantum devices using advanced artificial intelligence and automation techniques. Their software works in the field of control engineering to optimize the pulses that control qubit operations. The Paul Sherrer Institute (PSI) is a Swiss research institution that has partnered with ETH Zurich to form the ETHZ-PSI Quantum Computing Hub. The hub was formed in May 2021 and is currently working on studying quantum processors based on ion trap and superconducting technologies. The objective of this partnership will be for the PSI to use the Q-CTRL tools for the development and operation of a large-scale quantum computer with error correction. This is necessary because, as the number of qubits continues to increase, it becomes essential to have automated tools to effectively tune and calibrate a quantum processor in day-to-day operations. Additional information is available in a press release located on the Q-CTRL website here.

March 31, 2022