Software company designs digital healthcare platform

A health network has a new digital platform thanks to a local software publisher.

DecentraCare, a mobile network of independent nurses and providers, recently unveiled a new operations platform designed by Augusto Digital in Grand Rapids.

The custom software enables DecentraCare to manage clinician onboarding, scheduling, and referrals for more than 550 nurses and nurse practitioners across Michigan, as well as 20 referral partners.

“The need for a network of decentralized healthcare services has never been greater,” said Nathan Baar, Founder of DecentraCare. “Outpatient healthcare providers like nursing homes, home health agencies and specialist medical services are struggling to meet their minimum staffing requirements. DecentraCare can help solve this problem by providing qualified nurse staffing services as needed. This work would not be possible without the custom software we developed with the Augusto team.

Baar is also the founder and CEO of HealthBar, a company that provides personalized healthcare solutions to businesses and schools statewide from its locations in Grand Rapids and the Netherlands.

HealthBar leverages DecentraCare’s clinical referral networks when needed to scale its operations.

Previously, DecentraCare operated from a manual spreadsheet. The software now enables various digital operations, including a personalized application process for nurses that checks their references and allows them to record an introductory interview.

In the background, the DecentraCare team can review, ask questions, and approve or deny the new clinician.

Augusto’s new platform also hosts a master scheduling tool, which can connect to QuickBooks for clinician payments and patient billing. Every aspect of the new platform is serverless, allowing the network to grow without the need to change technology.

Augusto continues to support DecentraCare through the development of a dashboard where patients can request services, view their expenses, and discover more benefits of decentralized healthcare.

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