Software company SAP acquires majority stake in Taulia

In a joint announcement made by SAP and Tulia, the leading procurement and supply chain solutions company has completed its acquisition of a majority stake in Taulia.

Acquisition details

While JPMorgan Chase will continue to retain its stake in the working capital solutions provider, SAP’s acquisition of the company strengthens its sales network and strengthens its solutions in this area.

Taulia’s solutions will be tightly integrated with SAP’s offerings, but will continue to be available as a standalone solution, with Taulia operating as an independent company with its own SAP Group brand.

“With Taulia now officially part of our solutions portfolio, we can help companies gain financial flexibility and stability and help make supply chains more resilient,” said Luka Mucic, chief financial officer of SAP.

Who is SAP?

Founded in 1972, SAP has been in the procurement and supply chain business for 50 years. The company provides industry professionals with software and technology solutions that help small, medium and large businesses streamline their business operations and perform at their best.

SAP solutions help improve efficiency, boost productivity, increase profits and improve the customer experience.

SAP’s mission statement reads: “Our mission from the beginning has been to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. We are committed to helping every customer become a Best Managed Company and being Best Managed means making a difference. Together, we can transform industries, grow economies, uplift societies and preserve our environment. »

Who is Taulia?

Founded in 2009, Taulia is a working capital solutions company driven by its commitment to “creating a world where every business can thrive by freeing up cash.”

Based in San Francisco, Calif., Taulia empowers platforms, people and processes with AI, giving customers access to value tied to their supply chains.

Taulia helps procurement and supply chain organizations transform inefficient, manual working capital management practices into technology-driven working capital optimization strategies.

“Our vision is to create a world where every business thrives by enabling buyers and suppliers to choose when to pay and get paid, freeing up money throughout the supply chain,” Taulia said.

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