Tacen Announces Acquisition of Japanese Software Company, Kawazu Sakura Software

CHEYENNE, Wyoming.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tacen, a leading forensic crypto software company, has announced its acquisition of Japanese software company, Kawazu Sakura Software. Kawazu Sakura Software is comprised of skilled software developers aiming to create high quality mobile and web applications through the use of emerging technologies. The acquisition more than doubled Tacen’s engineering team and will accelerate the development of Tacen’s new hybrid decentralized exchange (hDEX) solution.

With this acquisition, Tacen, in collaboration with Kawazu Sakura Software, shows its commitment to increasing the adoption of blockchain technology in Japan. As a member of the Blockchain Association, Tacen believes in moving forward in a legal and compliant manner. Recent regulatory advancements in the crypto industry around the world, especially in Dubai, the US, EU, and Asia-Pacific, demonstrate that the technology is here to stay. Tacen encourages companies interested in partnerships or developing their expertise in this new industry to contact hello@tacen.com.

“Our team has greatly appreciated and benefited from our work with Tacen so far,” said Patrick Klitzke, CEO of Kawazu Sakura Software. “We believe that bringing our experience in software and application development to Tacen Compliance and its new hDEX has been – and will continue to be – an extremely fruitful relationship. Working as part of the larger Tacen network gives our team the ability to bring value to the blockchain world by increasing accessibility through innovative UI/UX design.

Since its creation at the end of 2018, Kawazu Sakura Software has already developed applications for several customers, including Blast, Protonchain, Dentsu and Mapify. Using the latest technologies to hit the market, ranging from mobile frameworks and content management systems to new coding languages ​​and Web3, Kawazu Sakura Software has proven to be a pioneer in the development of next-generation applications.

Tacen recently launched Tacen Compliance, the company’s inaugural product providing an end-to-end token issuance suite for companies looking to launch tokens in compliance with US regulations. Working behind the scenes as part of a long-standing partnership, the Kawazu Sakura Software team has already helped Tacen develop the front-end of the solution. Now focused on developing the user interface (UI) for Tacen’s hDEX, the newly integrated team of engineers from Kawazu Sakura Software and Tacen will contribute to the growth trajectory of the Tacen brand.

“We are extremely excited to bring Kawazu Sakura Software’s extensive smart contract expertise into the Tacen ecosystem,” said Jae Yang, CEO and Founder of Tacen. “As we continue to develop Tacen and our suite of offerings, it is essential that we simultaneously grow the engineering team developing this software solution. This acquisition significantly increases our ability to deliver high quality products on the platforms mobile and others.As such, it is a natural consequence of our desire to offer robust and versatile products, offering the most complete software solutions on the market.

Following its acquisition by Tacen, Kawazu Sakura Software is actively seeking to expand and hire software developers to expand the team. For more information on employment opportunities with Kawazu Sakura Software, inquire at contact@kawazu-sakura-software.co.jp.

About Tacen

Tacen is a US-based software company that develops compliance software for a well-regulated crypto space. By adapting its unique decentralized hybrid architecture to build the world’s first global decentralized settlement layer, Tacen aims to support multiple exchanges and marketplaces for digital assets, NFTs, and more. Tacen Compliance, the company’s inaugural product offering and end-to-end token issuance suite, demonstrates Tacen’s commitment to ensuring compliance, security and privacy at every stage of the user experience. With a cutting-edge engineering team and a compliance-focused management team, Tacen is well positioned to revolutionize the next generation of regulatory-compliant crypto software. To learn more about Tacen, visit tacen.com.

About Kawazu Sakura Software

Kawazu Sakura Software is a Japan-based software company that develops mobile applications and websites for a range of clients using the latest technologies. Kawazu Sakura has been active in crypto since 2018 and is well positioned to accelerate the development of Tacen’s products. For more information about Kawazu Sakura software, please visit kawazu-sakura-software.co.jp

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