Toyota’s autonomous driving unit acquires US software company


Three elements

Arene consists of three elements that will make it a stand-alone platform.

First, there’s the in-car software that manages everything from advanced driver assistance systems to digital cockpit controls. Then there is a cloud component which manages all the data transmitted from the vehicle.

Finally, there is a set of software tools that allow developers to test, deploy and update software systems in vehicles and in the cloud.

The approach is a nod to the reality that today’s cars, programmed with hundreds of millions of lines of code, are essentially running computers. The complexity of these on-board systems grows exponentially as cars use more chips and more code, and increasingly collect massive amounts of data from on-board sensors that monitor the world as they drive. roll in the street.

A central challenge in keeping software up-to-date and reliable is how to handle all of this data. And this is where Renovo integrates with its software system that cuts and analyzes the digital river.

The sheer volume of data places emphasis on systems capable of detecting bugs and sorting out important items from dull items, thus ensuring that the new automotive operating system software has rock-solid reliability. The software platforms that power automobiles, where people’s lives are on the line, cannot afford the kind of problems people tolerate in their smartphones.

Perfect partner

Renovo’s speed and precision in this technology make it a perfect partner, Kuffner said.

“We really, really want rock-solid stability, so we have to invest in that kind of production quality,” Kuffner said. “If we are talking about advanced safety, automated driving features of the future, how can I respond to the enormous multidimensional complexity of our world of traffic? The only way is to have very powerful tools that scale much better than manual testing. “

The creation of Woven Planet was announced last year as a holding company to encompass the subsidiary that manages Toyota’s automated driving development, Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development, or TRI-AD. Among his other projects is a smart community called Woven City. Announced in 2020 as a real-world test lab for future mobility and urban connectivity, the company inaugurated its 170-acre site at the foot of Mount Fuji in February.

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