Try-Before-You-Buy SAP Software System for Public Sector Organizations

US public sector organizations can try a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for free that aims to increase efficiency and enable them to better meet the needs of citizens.

GovOne is based on software from business process specialist SAP and was developed by InvenioLSI, an independent SAP consulting and implementation partner for public sector and service organizations.

Digital transformation

The “try before you buy” approach aims to reduce common risks and delays associated with digital transformation and modernization. Federal, state and local governments as well as higher education customers can see exactly what they can expect from the SAP S/4Hana system implemented by InvenioLSI.

InvenioLSI believes that governments are often unable to achieve their goals using disparate legacy systems. The SAP S/4Hana solution aims to unlock new levels of efficiency and service delivery through cloud services, better integrations, higher transaction volumes and real-time analytics.

He acknowledges, however, that the risks of any change are high: bad data is not an option; it is difficult to obtain buy-in from stakeholders; and systems must be modeled around applicable laws and regulations.

Complex solutions like ERP involve many variables and steps and it can be difficult to imagine exactly what the new solution will deliver, especially in the initial stages. City practitioners can be discouraged by typically high implementation costs, long integration times, or complex coding demands.

“InvenioLSI has been an invaluable partner to us in modernizing our legacy systems and migrating them to the SAP S4/Hana platform, giving us faster performance, increased efficiency and cost savings”

The GovOne system is described as a demonstration and benchmark platform that incorporates preconfigured best practices for public sector processes, such as fund accounting, budget control and grant management, and project accounting.

The system was developed by the specialists at InvenioLSI, drawing on over 25 years of experience delivering multiple ERP implementations on time and within budget for government agencies to create a new system that allows the public sector to see what their end results will look like. before investing in construction.

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